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About this Gantt Chart Template for Excel

A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that shows the start and finish dates of tasks within a project, as well as the dependencies between these tasks. Gantt charts are the most used tool for project management. They are also a useful tool for project planning, scheduling, and tracking progress, as it allows project managers to see at a glance what tasks are underway and what tasks are coming up next.

Gantt charts can also show how long each task is expected to take, and whether it is on track to be completed on time. By visually representing the tasks and their dependencies, Gantt charts can help project managers identify potential bottlenecks and make adjustments to keep the project on schedule.

How to use the Gantt Chart Template in Excel

  • Check the settings tab for date and work week formats.
  • Enter any holidays in the Holiday Input Sheet.
  • Enter project tasks in the Gantt Chart Sheet. The chart will automatically update based on the duration, start date and finish dates.
  • As you make progress on your project, update the completion column.
  • Use the Dashboard sheet to view a summary of your project.

You can use this example Gantt Chart template as a base to build your own!

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