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About this Balance Sheet Template for Excel

Our Balance Sheet Template is a great place to start when assessing your business’s financial position.

A balance sheet is a framework that guides you to list your company’s assets, liabilities, and equity. By filling it out, you create a snapshot of the company’s financial position at a specific moment in time.

Such a template serves multiple purposes. It will simplify your financial record keeping and ensure you don’t forget any crucial elements. It’s also a powerful diagnostic tool. When calculated, key ratios such as the current ratio or debt-to-equity ratio provide insight into your company’s financial health and potential risk areas.

The benefits of using a balance sheet template are numerous. Besides offering a quick view of your company’s financial position, it aids in making informed decisions about growth, investment, and risk management. It can also help you identify areas of concern, like high debt or low liquidity, and strategize to address those issues.

How to use the Template in Excel

Fill out your company details and date.

There are 3 categories of Assets: Current Assets, Fixed Assets and Other Assets.

We split Liabilities into 3 categories: Current Liabilities, Non-current Liabilities and Other Liabilities.

Each sub-section can be amended to your needs, just edit away in the cells you want to change.

Totals are automatically calculated based on your entries.

The balance cell does a check of your balance sheet.

Use common ratios, known as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), to analyse effectively.

Check out the guide tab in the template for help.

A screenshot of a Balance Sheet Template for an Excel Spreadsheet.
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