Innovative and Efficient Automated Solutions

At Effinovate, we believe in both the power of efficiency and accuracy. Our focus is to assist you in getting more out of your day with our bespoke automated solutions that help your business grow. Our expert consultants will certainly help you turn your inefficient nightmares into a paradise of productivity.


Our Automated Solutions

  • Report/Document Creation: Say goodbye to tedious, manual report creation. Let our consultants help you automate the process in order to let you grow.
  • Combining of Spreadsheets: Merging spreadsheets can be a hassle. We’re here to make it seamless and error-free.
  • Data Extraction: Need help extracting specific data from large datasets? Our team is equipped to do just that.
  • Third Party Software Integration: If you require integration with other software, then we can make it happen.
  • Advanced Modelling: Our team can help you build complex models to facilitate decision-making and forecasting.
  • Custom Tools: We can develop tailored tools to meet your specific business needs.

Can’t see your process? No problem, let us know more about it, we can help regardless of your situation.

Case Studies – Examples of Automated Solutions


Data Collection

In this case there was a HR team that struggled with diversity data collection across multiple subsidiaries. With this in mind, we built a set of tailored spreadsheets to standardize and automate data collation. As a result we drastically reduced weeks of manual work to mere minutes all while ensuring data consistency and accuracy.


Survey Reports

Initially this company had a long data logging process that was prone to error and very time consuming. With this in mind, we built a custom automated solution that slashed their processing time from three days to 3 hours, basically eliminating errors and boosting project capacity.


Quote System

During this project a bespoke quote calculator was developed to solve a company’s issues with time-consuming quote creation and inconsistent formatting. Transforming a laborious task into a quick, streamlined process without delay. We significantly improved service delivery, project completion, and brand consistency.

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