Electrical Contractors – Quote Calculator


A bespoke quote calculator was developed to solve a company’s issues with time-consuming quote creation and inconsistent formatting. Transforming a laborious task into a quick, streamlined process. We improved service delivery, project completion, and brand consistency.


The company did not have a system for producing a quote for their clients. They were relying on memory and scattered information about their products. This process was not easily repeatable on demand and it meant the company would lose out on business. This presented the following issues:

  • As the data was difficult to access it would take a lot of time to find the necessary information.
  • A big effort was required to ensure the accuracy of the quote and this often involved a lot of wasted time chasing various people for validation of information.
  • Relying on memory for critical business information is a disaster waiting to happen.
  • The quote format was never standardised and varied from quote to quote. This effects the brand image but also the ability to keep track of quotes.


We built a bespoke quote calculator for our client, this was simple to use and could be utilised on the go or whenever it was needed. The calculators had the following features:

  • A section for pricing, allowing the company to update and reference a single source of information. This was automatically included in the quote calculations.
  • A user friendly interface that allowed the contractor to configure whole sections and input project details.
  • This information was automatically processed and included the required products in the quote.
  • Automated production of a standard format and branded quote pdf.


Creating a quote now only took a few minutes instead of hours and could now be performed on demand whenever it was necessary. Contractors were now free to spend more time providing an excellent service and were able to complete more projects. The consistency of the quote documents meant they were easy to track for analysis whilst maintaining a consistent branding.

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