Data Analytics Human Resource Management


Data analytics in human resource management can be a real pain. We worked together with a HR team struggling with diversity data collection across multiple subsidiaries. Collectively we standardised and automated data collation with the use of a set of tailored spreadsheets. We drastically reduced weeks of manual work to mere minutes all while ensuring data consistency and accuracy.

Problems with Data Analysis in Human Resource Management

It was a requirement for the HR team to collect diversity data from their 10+ subsidiary companies. Each of these companies are well established and have their own systems for data management. Due to this, diversity data existed in varying formats.

The HR team were responsible for processing this data and collating it into one larger file. They then used this file as a summary for the whole company. This presented the following problems:

  • The data could be inconsistent and potentially have gaps. If noticed, this would require further processing. If not noticed, it would produce an inaccurate report.
  • Copy and pasting this amount of data repeatedly is a method prone to errors that are very difficult to notice.
  • Although this is a yearly process, it could take weeks to collect all the data and process it into a final report. Updates and changes were likely to occur in the information, causing a total restart of the process.

Data Analytics Solution

This solution had a lot of users from different companies. For this reason, it was very important that the solution was easy to use and robust. This prompted the build of a set of spreadsheets. One would act as a template for the subsidiary companies and one would be a tool able to collate the information.

The template had the following features:

  • Built in data validation that allowed for pasting of large amounts of data.
  • Automatic creation of a submission file, afterwards this was to be sent to the parent company.
    • All sensitive personal information was removed automatically and only the summary data was included.
  • Automatic creation of a dashboard style summary file and a pdf report.

The collation tool had the following features:

  • A button to import submission files that uses file explorer.
  • Automated processing of the data and summary calculations.
  • Automatic creation of a dashboard style summary file and a pdf report.
A visually appealing dashboard after analysis of human resource management data.


We transformed the process that took weeks of tedious manual data manipulation into one completed in just a few minutes. The new system consistently maintained accuracy in the data. With this on-demand solution, we smoothed the entire process and enhanced collaboration. All things considered, data analytics in human resource management doesn’t have to be difficult!

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