Streamline Your Work Schedule with Our Excel Rota Template

About this Excel Work Rota Template

Our Excel Work Rota Template streamlines the process of scheduling and managing staff shifts. It allows you to easily allocate shifts, track hours, and monitor staffing needs.

Customisable to your business’s specific requirements, this template improves transparency, minimizes scheduling conflicts, and aids in payroll calculations. Take the guesswork out of your shift planning with our comprehensive, easy-to-use Staff Rota Excel Template.

How to use the Staff Rota Template

Step 1: Adding Employees Start by updating the employees’ list. The template comes with placeholder names. To replace these with your employees’ names, click on a cell with a placeholder name and type in the employee’s name. Press ‘Enter’ once you’re done.

Step 2: Adding More Employees If your team is larger, you can easily add more employees to the rota. To do this, select the entire row of the last employee on the list (click on the row number to select the whole row). Then, copy this row (Ctrl+C or right-click and select ‘Copy’), click on the row number below it, and paste (Ctrl+V or right-click and select ‘Paste’).

Step 3: Inputting Shifts Next, refer to the shift key to enter employee availability. The template comes with a standard key, but you can amend this to suit your business’s needs. Click on the cell you want to change and type in the corresponding key value. Press ‘Enter’ once you’re done.

Remember, you can change the key values at any time to better represent your shift types.

Check out the guide tab in the template for help.

Screenshot of a Work Rota Template for an Excel Spreadsheet
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