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Building your own dashboard can be super hard and take a lot of time. It’s tough to make them look the same and even harder to make them look good. But we’ve got a solution for you! Our Excel Dashboard Templates are free and made by Experts.

Why Our Dashboards Rock:

  • Really Good Looking – Our dashboards are pretty and fun to look at.
  • All Look the Same – They all have a similar style, so everything matches.
  • Super Professional – They make your work look really smart.
  • Easy-Peasy to Use – You don’t have to be a computer whiz to use them. They’re super simple!
  • Fun to Play With – You can click around and see different things in your data.

Why It’s Hard to Make Dashboards Yourself:

  • Takes a Lot of Time – Making one from scratch can take forever.
  • Hard to Make Them Match – Getting them to look the same is tricky.
  • Needs Fancy Skills – You have to know a lot about Excel and data.
  • Making Them Look Good is Tough – It’s not easy to make them look cool and work well.

But Our Free Excel Dashboard Templates Make It Easy!

  • Saves You Time – You don’t have to start from zero. Just use our templates!
  • Makes Your Data Look Great – Your data will look awesome and be easy to understand.
  • No Stress – You won’t have to worry about making mistakes.
  • Totally Free – You get all this cool stuff without paying a penny!

Get Your Free Dashboards Templates Today! Don’t work hard making dashboards. Use our free templates and make your data look great in no time. It’s easy, fun, and free!

How to use the Free Dashboard Templates in Excel

How To Add Your Data

The data for this dashboard is found in the “Data” sheet.

There is a main table that contains the data, this is where you should add your own data. Column names can be changed to your requirements.

Once you have input your data you will need to refresh your Pivot Table and Charts. You can do this by going to the Data tab and selecting Refresh All.

Enjoy your Dashboard!


Q: How do I add my own colours?
A: Go to the Page Layout Tab and select Colours. You can edit an existing theme or create one by selecting customise colours. You can customise each chart by selecting it, clicking the Chart Design tab then Change Colours.

Q: I lost the chart format, what do I do?
A: The easiest way is to keep a copy of the chart, you can copy this and paste over any chart and it will only paste the format.

Q: I have added my data but my charts and values are not updating
A: First make sure the data you entered is within the table. If that is correct then you may need to update your Pivot Tables and Charts. You can do this by going to the Data tab and selecting Refresh All.


Check out the guide tab in the template for help.

That’s it! With these simple steps, you can use these Free Excel Dashboard Templates to streamline your business analysis and catapult your business growth. We hope you enjoy using our templates and if you need any help feel free to reach out to us.

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