Excel Consulting: Everything You Need To Know

What Is Excel Consultancy?


Excel Consulting exists to help businesses increase performance, efficiency, and revenue. Custom-built automated Excel spreadsheet systems allow you to streamline your processes. A single project can improve your Excel experience dramatically.

Working with a good Excel Consultancy is worth every penny; the benefits you can experience are unimaginable. Not only will you save time, but you will also save a lot of stress, frustration, and money. You will have more time to focus on growing your business and reaching your true potential.

Guide To Choosing The Right Excel Consultant

Choosing the right Excel Consultancy is not an easy task, you might be wondering how to pick? Before committing to any project, you should always speak to a consultant, this will help you find the right person/company for you. There are a few main qualities that you should keep in mind when discussing your project. These include advanced problem solving, good communication, and flexibility in their approach. Qualities such as these are crucial for your project and will allow you to receive the most impact.

Why Hire An Excel Consultant?

Excel is one of the most powerful tools out there, it is capable of so much but is usually underutilized. An Excel Consultancy has the experience of working with a variety of projects and industry. This vast knowledge is extremely useful when coupled with superior problem-solving skills. When applied to your business processes, you will get the most out of Excel and you will never look back.

Save Time And Money

Most manual processes are repetitive, especially in Excel. Did you know that 30 minutes a day equates to 130 hours a year?! That is just over 3 whole weeks of full-time work and based on an average salary is worth over £2,000. The right Excel Consultant can replace this work with a click of button in Excel that takes seconds to run. We all know what you could do with an extra 3 weeks a year. Imagine the increase in your work capacity and revenue.

Less Effort

Apart from time, work requires energy and effort. A lot of our effort gets wasted on mundane, boring tasks, reducing our capacity for more important work. You are at your best when you have energy, and this lets you produce your best work or make the best business decisions. An expert Excel Consultant can create an automated custom spreadsheet will replace your manual processes. Keeping you feeling fresh and letting you be the best version of yourself.

Reduce Stress

We could all reduce a bit of stress in our lives, no one wants it. So why are you letting Excel stress you out? Solutions developed by us, an Excel Consultancy, eliminate mistakes and reduce the stress you feel when you use Excel.


Never feel that pressure of a deadline again, no more late nights fighting to get the work finished in time. Automated solutions take the pressure away from deadlines, last minute client changes do not have to equal lots of extra hours working. Our Excel Consulting service will give you confidence in Excel and make it work for you, not against you.

Make The Impossible Possible

Some things we would like to do just take up too much time and are not viable options financially, making them impossible in business. Excel is extremely powerful, and an Excel Consultant can harness this power, making the impossible task possible.

Is My Industry Suitable For Excel Consulting?


When you have a lot of data and need to review portions of it with multiple criteria, it can get messy. Typically, you would have to manually set up filters then copy and paste your data out into a separate worksheet. Then you are likely to do some processing and formatting to prepare it for your analysis or meeting. Our Excel Consultants can build you a simple and easy way to create reports. You press a button, then set your criteria and the data is processed for you; the hard work gets done by Excel, for you.

Financial Modelling

Financial Modelling typically involves a lot of testing and adjusting variables that represent real-world situations. When you want to assess a different situation, a lot of work is involved in changing the model. Financial models are expected to be accurate and manually amending 100s of formulas does not set you up for success. An Excel Consultancy can build an automated financial model based on variables that you set. If you change your mind about something, simply click a button and watch it produce the model for you.

Data Analysis

Data analysis can vary greatly as it depends on the data you are working with and the outputs you desire. The capabilities of Excel include data analysis, data processing, performing calculations, and produce good looking, simple visualisations in the form of dashboards or reports. A dashboard can be custom made so you only see the insights you want or need.

Document Generation

It is quite common to export data in Excel to other formats like word or pdf and even to other Excel workbooks. The beauty of Excel is that is linked to other Office applications, making it easy to generate those reports, invoices, and statements. Our Excel Consultancy is well experienced in document generation and will find a way to automate it for you.


Manual data entry is very time consuming, repetitive, and boring. Our Excel Consultants have a lot of experience in reducing data entry. Consequently we integrate Excel with various platforms that hold your data. If this isn’t possible, we can build you tools to make your data entry more efficient and accurate.

What Can Excel Consulting Do For You?

Excel’s possibilities are open-ended, and our clients surprise us daily with the processes they reveal to us. Each and every project is unique, this gives us confidence in Excel’s capabilities, we know we can make it work for you. In summary some of the services our Excel Consultants offer include:

Custom Spreadsheets

You may have an existing spreadsheet that needs improvement or want one designed from scratch, our Excel Consulting service can do this for you. Our spreadsheet solutions are custom-built and tailored to your specific needs. You don’t have to redesign your business to work with our solutions, they work with you and for you.

Bespoke Tools

Every company is different, the way you and your competitors operate will be very different. A lot of the time you will have to adapt your processes to fit a fancy piece of software that doesn’t do exactly what you need. Our Excel Consultants are specialists in creating bespoke tools that are robust, easy to use and integrate seamlessly with your work life.

Process Improvement

Our Excel Consultancy does so much more than spreadsheets, we have a keen attention to detail when it comes to process improvement. When we are discussing your business and the solutions you require, we always highlight inefficient processes, identifying areas of improvement. Therefore we would prefer to cut a project in half and make your processes efficient as they are the foundation of any company.

Macro VBA Programming



Here at Effinovate, Excel inefficiency drives us crazy! In our day-to-day work lives, if we repeat a manual task more than once, we add it to a list of things to automate. We can replace anything repetitive and manual with the click of a button, saving us so much time in the long run. Automation gives us more time to focus on you and your projects, automation can give you more time to focus on your clients and work.

On Demand Support

We are here for you. We want you to feel comfortable, confident, and safe when using Excel. If you ever have any issues or find areas you want to tweak and improve, you can contact us. We love to be that go-to Excel person. We are not only passionate about Excel, we care about you and your business, we want you to succeed.

A Case Study – Excel Consulting In Action

Emily is a business owner in the events industry and was looking to increase her team size. Unfortunately, her processes around setting up new clients was very manual and was taking up too much time. This meant that it was difficult to increase the number of clients, stopping her from fulfilling business goals and reaching her true potential.

The processing of lead information from her form was tedious, error prone and extremely time consuming. It would involve manually copying and pasting filled in fields to an Excel Spreadsheet, with a lot of formulas elsewhere reading and using those pasted values. Not only was this unreliable but when the structure of the spreadsheet needed to change, it was necessary to go through everything and make sure it was all working still.

One of our Consultants had a quick Excel Consultation call with Emily, and it was immediately clear that there was a lot of room for improvement. Emily initially wanted a more robust system for her to copy and paste into. We highlighted a lot of the inefficiencies we could see in her processes and highlighted some potential solutions.

Our Excel Consulting managed to automate most of her process, this meant that Emily could process new leads in a few button clicks. Not only was our solution 5 times faster, it is robust and error free. The accuracy means that the process is stress free and time efficient. Emily has been able to process more leads than ever before and has since expanded her team, taking a leap closer to the business of her dreams.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

Let’s start your journey to operational excellence today, it is time to be more efficient and profitable. Let’s grow together!